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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Extraordinary: The Search For A Life Worth Living by Stephen Gillen!


The Search For A Life Worth Living 


Stephen Gillen

Delve into the harrowing true story of a man who was entrenched in London's criminal underworld, a tale as much about redemption as it is about crime. Born amidst Northern Ireland's violent conflict, his earliest memory - witnessing a young man's brutal demise - set the stage for a life entwined with the lawless. 

From grim children's homes to the notorious ranks of crime gangs, his quest for belonging led him down a path marked by danger and betrayal. His life took a perilous turn during a failed armed robbery, culminating in him shooting at a police officer and 15 years as a Category A prisoner. 

Among infamous inmates like Charles Bronson, his resilience was tested in the darkest recesses of the human mind. Yet, it was within these walls that the seeds of an extraordinary transformation were sown. 

Now recognised as an international peace prize winner, a successful entrepreneur, and a charity worker, his life stands as a profound journey from the depths of criminality to the heights of humanitarian achievement. His story is not just a chronicle of resilience and strength but an inspiring testament to the human spirit's capacity to change. 

Will his path to redemption inspire you to believe in second chances?

Small Town Chaos by Matt Gabrielson!

 Small Town Chaos 
Matt Gabrielson

In the grip of late fall, the serene town of Elroy is shattered by its first gruesome murder. Chief Mason, armed with expertise and big-city savvy, leads his team into uncharted territory as they battle a lack of resources and the weight of the unknown. 

As suspicions fester and the once peaceful community becomes a hotbed of secrets and betrayal, Chief Mason navigates the treacherous waters of small-town politics and mistrust to solve the case before more lives are claimed by the shadows of Elroy. The path to justice is fraught with unexpected twists and turns, leading the team through a labyrinth of deception and danger. 

Each revelation peels back another layer of the town’s dark underbelly, exposing long-buried secrets and unexpected alliances. With the assistance of outside agencies, Chief Mason and his team plunge headlong into a web of deceit that threatens to consume them. 

Brace yourself for a journey through the sinister heart of a town torn apart by tragedy and the relentless pursuit of truth.

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The Hollywood Survival Guide - For Actors: Your Handbook to Becoming a Working Actor in LA by Kym Jackson!

The Hollywood Survival Guide - For Actors: 

Your Handbook to Becoming a Working Actor in LA by 
Kym Jackson! 

The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors reveals everything an actor needs to have a successful career in film and television in 2016.

Proofed and edited by over forty Hollywood pros, the book covers the basics like headshots and resumes, but flows quickly into hundreds of rarely revealed topics like audition protocols, how to finance your own films, how to create a TV show, how film studios work, how to get into SAG-AFTRA, acceptable on-set behavior, how and where to network effectively and where to find the real Hollywood auditions. 

It is a tell-all of insider secrets author Kym Jackson spent nine years researching and compiling into this one resource guide for anyone hoping to navigate the rough seas of Hollywood.

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Talent isn't Enough: Ten ways to enhance your chances of acting success and develop the winner's mind set by Charlotte Thornton!

 Talent isn't Enough: 

Ten ways to enhance your chances of acting success and develop the winner's mind set 


Charlotte Thornton 

Talent isn’t Enough, is a guide book for actors who want to increase their chances in a competitive and often unfair industry. Using stories from her own career, Charlotte Thornton demonstrates how actors can better play the cards they’ve been dealt. 

With a 360 degree of the industry, and having fulfilled her dream of performing on the West End, Charlotte shares lessons from her successes, but also the lessons from her failures. 

Don’t leave it to fate or to your agent, get Talent isn’t Enough, and take charge of your career. 

The industry won’t be less competitive, but you will be ahead of the competition.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Visionary In Charge by Dave Noll

The Visionary In Charge 


Dave Noll

 I went from a very small town in New Jersey… to pitching TV shows to a billionaire on a Yacht.

Trust me — it wasn’t easy…

But my relentless persistence and ability to control my creative motivation is how I got there.

You too can make your creative dreams a reality…

I packed everything I know about creativity and innovation into an exciting book, full of real-life stories and lessons.

The book is called: “The Visionary In Charge” My mission? Help creative people rediscover their creative spark and bring their vision to life. 

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 Dave Noll 

Get Signed: Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Become a Published Author by Lucinda Halpern

 Get Signed: 

Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, 

and Become a Published Author 

by Lucinda Halpern 

A step-by-step guide from a New York literary agent that will show you how to create a winning concept, craft an irresistible pitch, and land your dream book deal.

In this practical, immediately actionable guide, Lucinda Halpern, who has represented New York Times bestsellers and brokered numerous deals with major publishers for over a decade, divulges what agents look for in authors and the shortcuts they use to get book deals but have never revealed—until now.

Lucinda has personally helped hundreds of writers and entrepreneurs launch timeless, best-selling books. But the path to literary success begins with knowing the answers to questions like:

How do I make my book idea marketable to agents and publishers?
  • What essential ingredients should my book pitch possess?
  • What common pitfalls and errors should I avoid?
  • How do I find a reputable agent who shares my vision?
  • What can I do if I'm getting rejected by agents and publishers?

With her unique 6-step method, Lucinda provides the tools and concrete strategies to:

  • Write a query letter that gets an agent's attention
  • Build an effective marketing platform
  • Create a timeless bestseller

Packed with interviews from best-selling authors, leading book editors from Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Hachette, and more, Get Signed is the indispensable roadmap you need right now to get noticed and become a published author.

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Magic Mack and The Mischief-Makers by J.C. Paulson

 Magic Mack and The Mischief-Makers 

by J.C. Paulson 

Mack is wee.
He is only three.
But he is pretty smart . . .
And brave as could be.

When the bad boys were mean
He made quite a scene.
And defended Maria
From the mischievous three.

Magic Mack and The Mischief-Makers tells the tale of a boy who discovers a power not even his grandma knew he had.

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